Shaw SMARTCORE Tile Strata Marble 0.71-in x 94-in PVC Floor Quarter Round

Shaw SMARTCORE Tile Strata Marble 0.71-in x 94-in PVC Floor Quarter Round-fig1


Shaw Industries, Inc. (“Company”) warrants its hard surface accessories such as transitions, reducers, quarter rounds and thresholds under this Limited Residential Warranty when used in the proper t for use indoor residential applications. The warranty belongs to you, the original end-use purchaser, and begins when you purchase the product and extends for the limited warranty period stated above. The warranty is further limited to the period of time the product is owned and maintained by the original end-use purchaser. The basis of any warranty-related claim is the original Company or authorized dealer invoice. For questions related to the product, see your dealer, the webсайту або представника сервісної служби за вказаним нижче номером телефону.


Компанія гарантує, що протягом гарантійного терміну та за нормального використання:
Виробничі дефекти ­ The product will be free from manufacturing defects.


Наступне не покривається гарантією: пошкодження, спричинені неправильним встановленням та/або обслуговуванням, відмінності в кольорі між виробами таamples or photographs, discoloration, including but not limited to UV light and heat sources, surface scratches, changes in shading, texture and/or gloss during use, inappropriate end-user activities, construction or installation-related damage, and damage caused by re, ooding or intentional abuse.


You, the original purchaser, will contact your authorized dealer or Company sales representative for claim service. Please provide a valid proof of purchase and a detailed description of the issue, along with photographs showing the concern. Samples повинні бути подані на review/testing when available. The dealer or Company sales representative will le a claim via www.ShawNow.com and submit the information you provided. A Company claims representative will thoroughly evaluate your claim. If you have questions, you can contact Shaw Industries Financial Services, PO Box 2128, Dalton, GA 30722, 1-800-257-7429.


If we nd a defect covered under this warranty, we will repair the affected area to conform to the warranty. If repair is not commercially practical, the Company may, at its sole option, replace the affected product or refund the proportional purchase price for the affected area. The Company will pay the reasonable costs for product, freight and labor. Any costs incurred for moving equipment, furnishings, partitions and the like that were installed over the Company’s residential product will be at the customer’s expense.

ПРИМІТКИ: The warranty is not transferable. It extends only to the original end use purchaser. Shaw Industries Inc. does not grant to any person or entity the authority to create for it any obligation or liability in connection with this product. Shaw Industries Inc. shall not be liable to the consumer or any other person or entity for any incidental, special or consequential damages, arising out of breach of this limited warranty or any implied limited warranty (excluding merchantability).

All implied warranties, including an implied warranty of merchantability or tness for a particular purpose, are hereby limited to the duration of this limited warranty. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or the limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to the purchaser. This warranty gives the purchaser speci c legal rights, such rights may vary from State to State.

Тільки для довідкових цілей, лише якщо вони надруковані або завантажені.


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