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Шумова машина MD-WN01

White Noise User Manual Read this manual
thoroughly before using and save it for future reference Model: MD-WN01


MEDCURSOR MD-WN01 Noise Machine - parts

  1. Вимикач
  2. Кнопка звуків природи
  3. Біла кнопка шуму
  4. Fan Sound Button
  5. Кнопка таймера
  6. Кнопка збільшення гучності
  7. Кнопка зменшення гучності
  8. Power Indicator The power indicator turns blue when the device is ON.
  9. Timer Indicator The Yellow Light Indicator is lit up when the timing mode is ON. Otherwise, the timing mode is not set.
  10. Перемикач нічного світлаMEDCURSOR MD-WN01 Noise Machine - parts 3
  11. Night Light Warm Night light. Adjustable brightness.
  12. Порт зарядки TYPE-C
  13. Earphone/ Headphone Jack Compatible with the 3.5mm headset device.MEDCURSOR MD-WN01 Noise Machine - parts 2


  1. USB-кабель


Вимикач MEDCURSOR MD-WN01 Noise Machine - fig 1 Short press: Power on/off
Кнопка звуків природи MEDCURSOR MD-WN01 Noise Machine - fig 2 Short press Choose from these 15 different sounds; birds singing, ocean wave, gentle waves, cricket, campfire. train, pendulum, thunderstorm, rain, stream, drip-drop, shush, fetal sound, lullaby, music box.
Біла кнопка шуму MEDCURSOR MD-WN01 Noise Machine - fig 3 Short press: 7 different kinds of white noise can be chosen. A circular tone can be heard after one loop.
Fan Sounds Button MEDCURSOR MD-WN01 Noise Machine - fig 4 Short press: 7 different kinds of fan sounds can be chosen. A circular tone can be heard after one loop.
Кнопка таймера MEDCURSOR MD-WN01 Noise Machine - fig 5 Short press this button to set the timer to 30/ 60/90 min or non-stop.
Кнопка збільшення гучності MEDCURSOR MD-WN01 Noise Machine - fig 6 Short press: Increase volume level from 1 to volume 25 gradually. Long press: Increase the volume Instantly. A “ding” prompt sound can be heard when at maximum.
Кнопка зменшення гучності MEDCURSOR MD-WN01 Noise Machine - fig 7 Short press: Decrease volume level from 25 to volume 1 gradually. Long press: Decrease the volume instantly until it emits minimum sound.
Перемикач нічного світла MEDCURSOR MD-WN01 Noise Machine - fig 8 Short press: Turn on/off the night light. Long press: Adjust the brightness of the night light.
Функція пам'яті MEDCURSOR MD-WN01 Noise Machine - fig 9 All previous setting will prompt when starting up the device.


  • Use ONLY adaptor: Output (DCSV, 1A) with the provided USB cable.
  • Do not charge the product with frayed or damaged adaptor and cable.
  • Do not touch the adaptor or cable with wet hands when the product is charging.
  • Unplug the adaptor when the product is fully charged for safety reasons.
  • Ніколи не перевантажуйте електричні ланцюги, оскільки це може призвести до ураження електричним струмом або пожежі.
  • Do not repair, disassemble, or modify the product under any circumstance.
  • Do not place the product near the fire/any heat sources or in direct sunlight.


Model No: MD-WN01
Номінальний випtage: 5V LA
Номінальна потужність: 5W
Box Size: 5.98 x 5.75 x 2.83 inch
Product Size: 4.65x 4.09x 2.60 inch
Net Weight:0.531b


This product is covered with a 1- year warranty commencing on the date of purchase. Within the guarantee period we will rectify any defects in the appliance resulting from faults in materials or workmanship. Please contact us at:
Ця гарантія не поширюється на:
(i) Damage caused by misuse or abuse, neglect, accident, liquids, including but not limited to, water or lotions ;
(ii) use in any manner that is inconsistent with the intended purpose or design of the product as described in the product’ s usage manual ;
(iii) unauthorized repairs or modifications.


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