ALTAIR 52064-BAT-WH-BB Freestanding Tub with Metal Feet



  • Будь ласка, збережіть цей посібник після встановлення для подальшого використання та обслуговування.
  • Product must be installed in compliance with relevant Water Bylaws.
  • The Product is CUPC certified.
  • Original certification model Code: ДМ1003-1.7 File Номер 10288
  • Для установки потрібні дві людини.
  • Freestanding tub is not designed to take weight on the rim.
  • Do not sit or stand on the tub rim.

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  • крок 1ALTAIR-52064-BAT-WH-BB-Freestanding-Tub-with-Metal-Feet- (3)
    • Turn over the tub on soft surface to make sure it is protected from scratches.
    • Take off the plastic covers of screws and unscrew nuts and washers from the tub(pre-assembled on the tub).
    • Place the bars on the tub, position washers and screws, then fix the screws but not tighten them, because the bars could be adjusted during assembling.
  • крок 2ALTAIR-52064-BAT-WH-BB-Freestanding-Tub-with-Metal-Feet- (4)
    • Position the feet on the bar, fasten with washers, fastener washers and screws, but not tighten screws right away.
    • Adjust the feet to match the shape of the tub, bars could be adjusted if needed.
    • Hold the feet firmly when tightening all screws, the feet must be secured fully to prevent any movement.
  • крок 3
    • Assemble the overflow and waste. Connect the tub trap (not supplied with the tub) to the fitted tub waste and connect that to the bathroom’s waste pipes.
  • крок 4
    • Place the tub to the desired location and water test the tub for any leaks before use.
      Receive Your Tub
      • A) Розпакуйте та перевірте на наявність пошкоджень.
        After receiving your tub, please unpack and remove all covering, checking whether there is any damage. Repack the tub if it is not being immediately installed. It will be rejected any claim for damage if not notified in a timely manner.
      • B) Protect your tub.
        Before commencing installation, ensure the tub is completely protected, leave covering in place until the bathroom is complete. Scratches and cracks incurred during installation are not covered by the warranty.

Очищення та обслуговування

  • A) To preserve the polished surface, after using your tub, clean with soft cloth and warm soapy water to wash away any body oils or soap residue that forms a ring tide mark.
  • B) Не використовуйте порошки, пасти, креми для чищення, розчинники, спреї для миття вікон або рідини для хімчистки тощо.
  • C) When coloured essentials oils are used, first test that the colour won’t stain your tub. Always add oils into a tub full of water. Never pour them into an empty tub.

Tap Holes Drilling Attention if applicable

  • Pay attention to below points if the tub is designed with tap deck.
  • Отвори для кранів не просвердлені на палубі, свердліть отвори відповідно до ваших потреб.
  • Check and silicone the tap holes to make sure the reinforcement layer holes are solid before installing the faucet.
  • Перевірте та переконайтеся, що з крана немає витоку води.

ALTAIR-52064-BAT-WH-BB-Freestanding-Tub-with-Metal-Feet- (5)


  • We recommend that this product is installed by a qualified professional contractor.
  • Do NOT overtighten the waste as this may cause long-term damage to the bath.
  • Ніколи не використовуйте абразивні мийні та дезінфікуючі засоби, а також ті, що містять спирт, соляну або фосфорну кислоту.

ALTAIR-52064-BAT-WH-BB-Freestanding-Tub-with-Metal-Feet- (6)

  1. Remove cap, screw and gasket from fitting;
  2. Tighten the screw to the overflow body;
  3. Aim another side to the drain hole and screw the pop-up cover slowly, but do not overtighten it;
  4. Loosen the screws on the three pipes and stretch the pipes to the appropriate length, fitting for the bathtub, and then tighten the screws.
  5. Connect appropriate drain pipe;
  6. Check if there’s any leakage.

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ALTAIR 52064-BAT-WH-BB Freestanding Tub with Metal Feet [pdf] Інструкція з експлуатації
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